Adding Wings to Your Career:

We at FUNDAMAKERS during the orientation session of introductory batches make students aware of what wonders an MBA degree from a top B school can do to their career.

An intermixture of varied courses, Management is a field that opens multitudinous roads for the students. Perhaps that is why one can find the market flooded with colleges for MBA and the same story holds good at the demand side of things. More and more students today aspire to become MBA graduates. Before we look at the advantages, let’s look at some details around an MBA,.

Tips to remain collected and motivated during CAT preparation

We at Are you the one whose plans for CAT preparation are falling like a ‘ House of Cards ? ‘ Don’t worry team FUNDAMAKERS is always dedicated towards helping the aspirants in every possible way we can, but before that read this

Always remember your goal
No, we do NOT refer to the obvious one, to score the maximum you can on the CAT or even your Ultimate Goal, which is to start off a great career. We refer here to the goals you set for yourselves when you are committed to taking on the examination. Divide each part of your preparation first into months. Set targets for yourself

A beginner's guide to starting the CAT preparation

CAT (Common Admission Test) is one of the toughest exams to crack. It is the gateway to getting into prestigious IIMs and other top B-schools of India. Thus, it becomes quite crucial for the beginners to prepare for such an important exam in the correct manner.

But no worries; we at FUNDAMAKERS are committed to our promise of landing the aspirants in the best B schools of their choice, by the combination of their hard work and our mentorship. There are a couple of pointers to be kept in mind by the beginners while preparing for this not so friendly CAT!

Mastering Vedic maths for CAT

FUNDAMAKERS has always strived hard to provide the students with the best of the methods and practices needed to ace the CAT. Be it the importance of Flashcards in vocabulary building , or the importance of speed reading in solving RC’s, team FUNDAMAKERS has always put its best foot forward to make things easy for the aspirants.

One such important skill is that of Vedic mathematics especially from the point of view of CAT. Vedic Maths involves age old tricks and magical short-cuts and of course it can be a gamechanger in your journey to your dream IIM.

Tips to Slay the VARC dragon!

In this post we will be majorly talking about how to tackle the VARC section of CAT. Over the years, the pattern has been likea 3 hours exam with three sections of 1 hour time limit each.

The VARC is the opening section of the CAT exam, and this positioning makes it the most crucial section; fare your way well through it and you become more confident, lest you get an anxiety attack in no time!
Understanding of a Paper (or a section) along with the understanding of own strengths and weaknesses are the two essential blocks of deciding the strategy for attempting it.